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AI Powered Chatbot Platform


  • Conversational Platform

  • Knowledge Inclusion

  • Machine Learning

  • Integrations

  • Complete Solution

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Smart Monitoring Platform

  • The system monitors IT infrastructure (Server & Network) gathering data for performance monitoring and incident management. EMS manages events by processing data gathered via SMS and NMS. In the event of minor system or/and network failure, EMS immediately alerts relevant personnel via various alerting channels (Text message, Voice alert and e-mail etc.)

  • This critical outage and malfunction restoration prevents major shutdowns. Data received by EMS is processed to create its own database to categorize repeated failures/malfunctions. These histories are used to establish new incident contingency plans and other counter measures for server and network management

  • Critical and important data is extracted to Dashboard for large display both on PC and control center display units.

  • Dashboard enables operators to pinpoint the exact location of specific malfunctions/outages for smooth and swift restoration

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