We Are


Our Focus Areas

Deep Learning

Our standard framework Recommender Engine and Text Extraction Engine framework We conduct research oriented Labs for our resources in Object Detection and NLP. We strive to work on complex projects in these areas with our continuous learning

Representation Learning

Feature learning, representation and extraction with Deep Learning in an automatic way. Autoencoders, Generative Adversarial Networks, Triplet Loss.

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is new entrant in defining the relationship between the entities and visualize the data through entity relationship

Our Solutions

Text Extraction

Whether it is media publication or lawyer office or Bank, reading the huge content and summarizing the text without loosing the context is very important.  A deep understanding of various techniques in Deep Learning is required because every technique is having its own dis-advantages.  OptiValueTek Text Summarization Framework is built on different techniques like Word Vector, Sentence Vector, Knowledge Graph, Seq2Seq model, LSTM, Attention, Memory networks etc., and culmination of all these techniques resolves major challenges in memorizing huge  articles and offer unique solution to abstract/extract Text from these articles and provide a contextual summary of it

Context Based Learning